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How to create a Telegram bot for Airdrop

When it becomes clear what airdrop is, a counter-question arises – why developers need it. After all, they create a quality product, which is able to fulfill specific goals, to compete in the market. However, an airdrop is a kind of the beginning of a successful advertising campaign. No matter how thoughtful a startup is, it will need to gain a certain amount of publicity before it is released. Crypto that no one has heard of will not be able to enter the trade; it will not be bought; most likely, it will not even be noticed among its peers.

Gaining publicity is also possible through ICOs, but there are a lot of them on the market. The hype was created and the users who actively participated in it got nothing in return. People who know what an airdrop is, who received coins with its help, become loyal. And, as a consequence, the popularity of the project begins to grow.

Airdrop is also about rewards for users. Since there are several ways of making a profit in the crypto community, some people sort of wander from one project to another in search of benefits. Then a startup struggles with this “migration” of users. He gives them coins and asks them in return to keep them in their wallets for a certain period of time.

If we are talking about additional advertising, then airdrop has a real benefit. It is a well-known fact that as soon as there is a positive mention of some crypto, for example, on Twitter, its price starts to rise.

By the way, it is the excitement around a new coin that can serve as a decisive factor in attracting potential investors. An involved community will provide more financial injections and increase total capital.

And another reason is data collection. By requesting the information is exchanged for coins. The data, later on, can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Types of airdrops

Knowing what the technique is, you need to understand how airdrop works. And here, the type is important. There are:

  1. Standard Airdrops – small amounts of crypto are distributed between users (holders of a particular coin, exchange clients).
  2. Bounty Airdrops – an analog of the barter system. In order to get free tokens, users will need to participate in an advertising campaign.
  3. Exclusive Airdrops – similar to rewards for regular users who have chosen a specific platform for their activity.
  4. Holder Airdrops – coins are sent to users of specific wallets where people store crypto.
  5. Hard fork Airdrop – when holders of one crypto get different amounts of another token as a gift.

When a developer decides to launch an airdrop of crypto, he launches an advertising campaign – making relevant posts – both on his resource and partner ones. The posts then go to social networks.

Frequent mistakes when launching an airdrop

However, there are many mistakes that new crypto projects make, during their first airdrop. Almost everyone makes airdrops and whitelists in Telegram bots without real checks for task completion, which is wrong and leads to unsatisfying results. As soon as a user sees that there are no checks, he connects multi-accounts and starts grinding. There are a lot of such users and the developer suffers from them first.

It would be better to make sure each task is checked and if the user doesn’t do it, don’t let him go to the next step:

  • Subscribe to Telegram channel/group/bot;
  • Subscribe to Twitter;
  • Check for retweets, etc.

Making your own bot with checks is extremely difficult and projects don’t need to spend their resources on it. It’s easier to get a ready-made solution. We have a package that includes building the bot on our platform, connecting all the checks, and including promotion in major Telegram channels and Twitter accounts with more than 1 million followers.

Any questions? Let’s discuss it on Telegram.

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