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Professional Crypto Exchange Listing Service by Dzzen

CEX Listing
  • Achieve increased visibility, credibility, and liquidity for your project
  • Access unrivaled opportunities with tailored solutions provided by our insider connections and network
  • Get advertising perks, marketing bonuses, and more!
Crypto marketing

List With Benefits

  • Get listed in less than 2 weeks
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Build valuable relationships
  • Extra marketing bonuses
  • Lowest prices
Maximize your project's success through our expertise:

Perks of partnering with us

Priority listing
Our close partnerships with top exchanges such as Lbank and KuCoin enables us to offer priority listing services to our clients, ensuring that your project gets listed faster than the competition
Personalized service
Our team provides personalized service to each of our clients, ensuring that their specific needs are met, and that the listing process is tailored to their project
Cost-effective listing
You won’t find a better deal anywhere else- Save up to 30% on listing costs compared to official rates
Leverage Marketing
  • Gain access to banner advertisements
  • Promotions within our channels and community
  • Twitter mentions and much more!
  • Promotion at Roadshows and other popular crypto events
Additional crypto pairs
We provide our clients with the opportunity to list additional crypto pairs, which can increase their liquidity and trading volume
Marketing from Dzzen
PR campaign on MarketWatch, Benzinga, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Apple News and 400+ top news websites

The Process Overview

We know that listing your project on an exchange is an important step in the growth of your business, and we are committed to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your project is listed successfully. Here's an overview of our process:
Know Your Project
We begin with a complimentary consultation to understand your goals and tailor our services to your specific needs
Due Diligence
Our team conducts a thorough review of your project and uses that information to negotiate the best possible listing terms
Our team is dedicated to ensuring your project gets successfully listed. If needed we’re here to help you meet any listing requirements and ensure your project is ready
Personalized Offer
Once the negotiations are complete, we'll present you with a personalized offer that takes into account all relevant factors, including the listing price
Onboarding & Ongoing Support
We’ll continue to offer support for your project during and after the onboarding process with the sales, marketing, and logistics teams of the exchange(s) you’ll be listing on


We will help your project list on the most suitable centralized exchanges

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