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This is Kommo CRM
Adapted version for the crypto industry by Dzzen, an official partner.

Get more privileges with Dzzen: consulting, integration and ready-made solutions for crypto projects, influencers, gem hunters, investors & funds, and crypto agencies.

All communications in one place

Communicate with investors, clients, and users through various channels in one place. Lead customers through different funnels with varying levels of automation. Discuss deals or proposals with your team. It’s very convenient.

Kommo crypto CRM inbox

A complete history of every contact

Kommo merges everything about a client into single profile that combines communication from every channel, notes, related tasks and more.

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Customizable pipelines

Create as many funnels as you want for different businesses or directions. Within each funnel, create convenient pipelines for each deal or contact. Customize the display and anything else you want.

kommo crm pipeline ui | Dzzen

Task management

Keep yourself and colleagues on task with Reminders you can set manually or automatically, and communicate via Notes & Comments.

kommo crm task | Dzzen

Templates & bots

Send personalized templates to clients in a click, or use bots to launch time-saving workflows (no coding required!). Flexible automation solution for your business: tasks, emails, messages to any messengers, scripts, and anything else you need!

Full automation from cold contact to sale!

kommo crm salesbot ui | Dzzen

Easy automation

Reclaim the hours you spend on repetitive chores. Automated workflows for data entry, lead assignment and task setting can be set up in just a few clicks.

kommo crm automation | Dzzen

Close deals wherever you are

Wherever you go, you’ve got the power of Kommo behind you.
The full-featured mobile app keeps your team equipped even when they’re not at their desks. Mobile CRM gives you the freedom to roam, keeping you constantly connected and ready to win sales.

Kommo app

Powerful analytics & Forecasting

Track performance with realtime reports and customizable dashboards. Kommo transforms your data into valuable insights for boosting performance and increasing conversions. In one click, you can instantly generate sales reports that are built in realtime and based on your CRM data. 

CryptoCRM Analytics
And many more useful and essential features
Take a look at a few examples of usage
Communicate with clients from all channels in one app & automate anything you want. Send messages and newsletters to all users across all channels!

Support through Telegram bot or live chat

Easily set up a user support bot: welcome message, automatic distribution by questions or departments, auto responses to frequently asked questions, team communication with users in one window, task assignments to solve issues, and more.

Emails from all accounts in one place

Connect multiple email accounts, distribute them across funnels or use them in one, set up automatic responses and templates with templates and variable substitution for standard replies.

Automated handling of requests

Integrate lead generation from: websites, ads, emails, Google Sheets, Facebook messages and comments, Instagram, Telegram, and more. Respond to new requests, guide users to desired actions, send templates through various channels, and sell – all fully automated!

Write first in Telegram, Whatsapp, email, etc.

Receive contacts from crypto projects and automatically send your offers to Telegram and/or email (soon on LinkedIn as well). Automatically handle responses, transfer to a manager, and sell your services or secure investments. We can provide you with investor and crypto project contacts.

Collaborative work on each deal

Discuss details within your team for each deal, communicate with contacts, assign tasks, automatically generate and send proposals and invoices for payment. You can also track payments and automatically grant access and send confirmations.

Review and invest in crypto startups

Receive investment requests or potential gems. Automatically request data from the project and verify their website, community, and contract. Enrich the deal with information and automatically generate proposals based on the data, or even participate in the deal.
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You will get for FREE a 30-day trial period and our guide for self-integration of CRM into your crypto business.
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Start boosting sales with messaging and CRM features. No Automation.
per user/month
Unified inbox
Unlimited sales pipelines
Task management & more
Drive even more sales with bots and automations
per user/month
Everything in Base
No-code Salesbot
Pipeline automation
Plus, any options of your choice:
- Receive 50+ crypto leads daily
- Receive new potential crypto gems
- Ready-made automated sales funnel for selling your services
- Telegram bot for communication with clients and community
- Automation of initial customer touchpoints (email, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.)
Organize massive amounts of leads and data
per user/month
Everything in Advanced
Increased client database
Advanced client profiles
Plus, any options of your choice:
- Receive 50+ crypto leads daily
- Receive new potential crypto gems
- Ready-made automated sales funnel for selling your services
- Telegram bot for communication with clients and community
- Automation of initial customer touchpoints (email, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.)

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